August 19
Third issue of CSA notes authorized

August 27-28
Forts Clark and Hatteras, North Carolina taken by Union forces

September 2
Third issue of notes

September 3
Confederate troops enter Kentucky

September 20
Lexington, Missouri surrenders to Confederates

October 1
CSA Post Office issues Instructions to Postmasters

October ?
CSA Major B.F. Ficklin sent to England to buy supplies

October 16
CS1 first placed on sale

November 6
Jefferson Davis elected regular president of the Confederacy

November 8
Earliest use of CS2

Confederate commissioners Mason and Slidell seized on British ship Trent

November 28
Missouri admited to Confederacy

Confederate Stamps -- 1861

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October 1, 1861: The Confederate Post Office issues "Instructions to Post Masters:
To the Post Master of

     SIR,--The following laws, enacted by the Congress of the Confederate States, are transmitted to you for your guidance in the discharge of your duties as Post Master.

Your obedient servant,

Chief of Appointment Bureau.
Instructions to Post Masters: from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries

Lithographed Issues

On October 16 1861, Confederate general issue postage stamps made their first appearance. Because of the haste involved, the first issue of stamps used the relatively crude printing method of lithography. The first stamps were printed by Hoyer & Ludwig of Richmond, Virginia.

CS 1 Five cents
Jefferson Davis
With the issuance of this stamp on October 16, 1861, Confederate President Jefferson Davis became the first living American to be portrayed on a postage stamp.

Thomas Jefferson of Virginia was the third President of the United States. Also lithographed by Hoyer & Ludwig. Earliest use November 8, 1861. Later printings were made by J.T. Patterson & Co. of Augusta, Georgia (earliest use July 25, 1862).

CS 2 Ten cents
Thomas Jefferson

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