Nov 6
Lincoln elected

Dec 20
South Carolina secedes


Jan 9
Mississippi secedes

Jan 10
Florida secedes

Jan 11
Alabama secedes

Jan 19
Georgia secedes

Jan 26
Louisiana secedes

Feb 4
Provisional Confederate Congress convenes

Feb 9
Jefferson Davis elected provisional President

Feb 18
Jefferson Davis inuagurated

Feb 21
CSA Post Office instituted

Feb 23
Texas voters approve secession

Mar 4
Lincoln inaugurated

Mar 9
First Issue of CSA Notes authorized

Apr 12
Bombardment of Fort Sumter begins

Apr 17
Virginia secedes

May 6
Arkansas secedes

May 20
North Carolina secedes

May 24
CSA Congress votes to move capital to Richmond

June 1
Mints officially close

North-South mail ceases

Charlotte Mint

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On Wednesday, March 28, 1838 the Charlotte Branch Mint commenced coinage operations by striking "a well executed half-eagle" ($5.00 gold piece). The minting of quarter eagles began later in the year. The first gold dollar was struck in 1849.

Charlotte Mint

Coins were minted in Charlotte on a continuous basis until the North Carolina seceded from the Union on May 21, 1861 and the Confederacy took over the Mint. The 1861-C half eagle is the final coin produced at the Charlotte Mint. It is believed that 887 were produced in May, 1861 under the supervision of the Confederacy. There are 95-105 known.

1861-C Half Eagle

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